Deliverable No. Deliverable name Abstract Status
D1.1Industry Requirements with benchmark metrics and KPIsAbstractpublished
D1.2DataBench Framework - with Vertical Big Data Type benchmarksAbstractpublished
D1.3Horizontal Benchmarks - Analytics and ProcessingAbstractpublished
D1.4 Horizontal Benchmarks - Data ManagementAbstractpublished
D2.2Preliminary Benchmarks of European and Industrial SignificanceAbstractpublished
D2.3Analysis of Actual and Emerging Needs of Industrial Users and Use Case MappingAbstractpublished
D2.4Benchmarks of European and Industrial SignificanceAbstractpublished
D3.1DataBench ArchitectureAbstractpublished
D3.2DataBench Toolbox - Alpha including Support for Reusing of Existing BenchmarksAbstractpublished
D3.3DataBench Toolbox - Beta including End-to-end-scenario ToolAbstractpublished
D3.4Release Version of DataBench Toolbox including Visualization and Search ComponentsAbstractpublished
D4.1Data Collection PlanAbstractpublished
D4.3Evaluation of Business PerformanceAbstractpublished
D4.4DataBench Benchmarking HandbookAbstractpublished
D5.1Initial Evaluation of DataBench MetricsAbstractpublished
D5.2Final Evaluation of DataBench MetricsAbstractpublished
D5.3Assessment of Technical Usability, Relevance, Scale and ComplexityAbstractpublished
D5.4Analytic Modelling Relationships between Metrics, Data and Project MethodologiesAbstractpublished
D5.5Final Report on Methodology for Evaluation of Industrial Analytic Projects ScenariosAbstractpublished
D6.1Dissemination and Liaison PlanAbstractpublished
D6.2Project Web Portal and Dissemination MaterialsAbstractpublished
D6.3Dissemination and Liaison Report Period 1Abstractpublished
D6.4Dissemination and Liaison Report Period 2Abstractpublished
D7.1Project FicheAbstractpublished
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