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Success stories on Big Data & Analytics use cases + DataBench Toolbox

In this 1 hour session titled “Success stories on Big Data & Analytics Use Cases + DataBench Toolbox” our speakers and participants of the DataBench Project, Chiara Francalanci from Politecnico di Milano and Tomás Pariente from Atos Research and Innovation, presented the most relevant use cases and success stories on Retail and Manufacturing sectors implementing Big Data, Analytics and Benchmarking tools. The session included a demonstration of the main outcome of the project, the DataBench Toolbox, which allows different types of users from both technical and business roles, to search, select and deploy Big Data benchmarking tools to generate unified technical metrics and derive business KPIs.

Webinar Introduction – Ana Maria Morales Perez (ATOS)

Big Data & Analytics Success Stories – Chiara Francalanci (POLIMI)

DataBench Toolbox Demo – Tomás Pariente Lobo (ATOS)



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