Watch the recording of DataBench Final Event @ EBDVF2020

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After three years of intensive work, DataBench has created an evaluation framework, available for the community, which allows different types of users to run technical benchmarks and compare the performance of Big Data Technologies (BDT) while also providing useful and relevant information regarding the business impact of these technologies. By doing so, DataBench has addressed one of the major barriers of adoption of BDT thanks to the ability to measure the potential business benefits of its implementation.

During DataBench Final Event participants had the opportunity to understand the outcomes produced by DataBench and how to use them in their context through presentations, discussion panels and demos.

Watch the recording and discover more about:

  • The current landscape of Big Data and AI benchmarks
  • The DataBench framework, which includes a complete set of metrics for the assessment of Big Data technologies
  • The DataBench Toolbox, a web-based tool that provides a unique environment to search, select and deploy big data benchmarking tools, giving the possibility to generate unified technical metrics and derive business KPIs
  • A comprehensive set of use casesĀ that we have run with companies in different industrial domains and projects of the Big Data PPP to illustrate the way you can get value out of using DataBench
  • Pipelines and blueprints



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