Tutorial – Benchmark Big Data Analytics Systems @ ICPE 2020

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DataBench will be at ICPE 2020! Dr. Todor Ivanov (Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany & DataBench project representative) will present the paper “Tutorial on Benchmarking Big Data Analytics Systems” by Ivanov, T. and Singhal R. on April 20, 2020.

The proliferation of big data technology and faster computing systems led to pervasions of AI based solutions in our life. There is need to understand how to benchmark systems used to build AI based solutions that have a complex pipeline of pre-processing, statistical analysis, machine learning and deep learning on data to build prediction models. Solution architects, engineers and researchers may use open-source technology or proprietary systems based on desired performance requirements. The performance metrics may be data pre-processing time, model training time and model inference time. We do not see a single benchmark answering all questions of solution architects and researchers.  This tutorial covers both practical and research questions on relevant Big Data and Analytics benchmarks.

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