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The next BDV PPP Summit will take place between  May 13-15, 2020 in Porto (Portugal).

The BDV PPP Summit is the primary event for driving European innovation in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Key European industry, academia and policy-making players will gather in Porto to foster cross-sector collaboration and shape strategies for European leadership in data-driven Artificial Intelligence.

Event Programme

The first day of the BDV PPP Summit 2020 will host the BDV PPP Steering Committees, a special edition of the Technical Committee focusing on the follow-up of the Data Platform Workshop and will conclude with the BDVA General Assembly.

The second day – BDV PPP Conference mixing the BDV PPP community with the local innovation ecosystem – will provide a strategic perspective on the future of Big Data and AI landscape in the context of the Digital Europe Programme. This year, a special focus will be give on how Data-Driven AI Innovation can be used to build a sustainable society.

The last day thematic workshops and activity groups will be held to exchange results and brainstorm about the future. In complement, your project will have the opportunity to participate to the Hack a city challenge from the Start & Scale week.

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