SAVE THE DATE! e-SIDES Workshop “Towards Value-Centric Big Data: Connect People, Processes and Technology”

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e-SIDES Workshop “Towards Value-Centric Big Data: Connect People, Processes and Technology”

Date And Time: Tue, April 2, 2019, 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM CEST

Location: IMEC-SMIT-VUB, Boulevard de la Plaine 9, Etterbeek,1050 Brussels,Belgium

The need for privacy-preserving technologies grows continuously with information systems becoming increasingly networked within organisations and civil society, and datasets getting larger and more heterogeneous. However, although many big data solutions affect society as a whole, privacy-preserving technologies are integrated into them only to a limited extent.

When taking a closer look at the situation, one notices quickly that there is a rather low demand for big data solutions that help protect privacy. It seems that users and citizens are blinded by the benefits they get in return for their personal data and that operators can well live with the current situation.

It would be important to embed security and privacy features based on these technologies in big data solutions. The technologies would have to be configured to provide a high level of privacy protection by default. While current research offers strong solutions, these solutions are rarely used in practice.

There is a strong need to consider people, process and technology at the same time when it comes to making value-centric big data a reality.

This e-SIDES workshop aims to gather all actors whose work and active engagement can promote responsible research and innovation in the field of big data paving the way to design and deploy the next generation of big data solutions.

This event is a key opportunity not only for people from science, industry and politics but also for representatives of civil society organisations to contribute to the debate on how big data solutions can be developed and used in a responsible way, protecting societal values to the greatest possible extent.

The workshop will be highly interactive and call for attendees’ contribution to the discussion. The morning session will be dedicated to high level keynote speakers and presentations, while the afternoon session will host the knowledge café “towards responsible big data”.


Morning Session 09.30-12.00

09.30 Registration and welcome coffee

10.00 Opening and introduction

10.10 Privacy-enhancing technologies, data sharing and ethics – Saila Rinne, Programme Officer Data Policy and Innovation Unit, European Commission DG Connect

10.20 “You’re monitoring my what…?!” – Balancing privacy against enhanced security outcomes – Duncan Brown, EMEA Chief Security Strategist – Forcepoint

10.35 e-SIDES: The community paper on RRI guidelines for big data: why we need it and how we can work together

10.45 A “win-win” initiative for value-centric big data and safeguarding “privacy and ethical values” in the PSPS domain: AEGIS project – Marina Da Bormida, R&I Lawyer and Ethics Expert

11.00 Safe and secure data marketplaces for innovation: SAFE-DEED – Alessandro Bruni, Legal Researcher KU Leuven

11.15 The dangers of tech-determinism: Demystifying AI and reclaiming the future – Barbara Giovanelli, Policy Officer, Digital Ethics, EPDS European Data Protection Supervisor

11.30 Responsible Research: Analytics when dealing with personal and personalised mobility data: Track&Know – Ibad Kureshi, Senior Research Scientist, Inlecom Systems

11.45 Big Data Value Association Position Paper on PPTs – Tjerk Timan, Policy Ananlyst, TNO

12.00 Networking Lunch


Afternoon Session 13.00-16.00

13.00 Knowledge café: towards responsible big data – See next page for details

15.00 Knowledge café reporting to the plenary and open discussion

16.00 End of workshop


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