Analysis of Actual and Emerging Industrial Needs

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One of the DataBench project’s central goals is to design, develop and validate a benchmarking process based on highly relevant business metrics to help European organisations evaluate their use of Big Data and Analytics Technologies (BDTs) as they seek to improve their business performance.
Based on the Economic, Market and Business Analysis Methodology developed by the project, this document provides further analysis of the performance measurement metrics that companies are benchmarking to assess their use of Big Data and analytics.

The document is based on desk research from public sources, IDC research databases and a survey of 700 European businesses in 11 EU Member States.

The report shows the importance of business KPIs for BDA users to benchmark the value of their BDA investments, analysed by sector and company size. These benchmarks will be tested and validated through the analysis of case studies carried out by WP4, verified through the analysis in WP5 and updated at the end of the project in 2020.

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