Industry Requirements with benchmark metrics and KPIs

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The DataBench project aims to bridge the gap between technical and business
benchmarking of Big Data and Analytics applications. The requirements discussed in this
report are the result of the first analysis performed in the project on existing Big Data
Benchmarking tools, from the interaction with BDVA (Big Data Value Association) and
participation in the development and analysis of results of a first questionnaire developed
within BDVA, and from analysis of Big Data technology and benchmarking developed in
other Work Packages of the project.

As a result of this analysis, an integrated set of benchmark metrics and KPIs is proposed, as
an ecosystem of indicators covering Business features, Big data application features,
Platform and architecture features, and Benchmark-specific features.

The deliverable discusses the use of these features in an integrated way, as a basis for a
methodological integration, for the development of the DataBench Toolbox, and for relating
indicators and building a KPI knowledge graph.

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