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Invited Talk: DataBench Toolbox – supporting Big Data and AI Benchmarking @ Bench2020

November 16, 2020 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm CET

Invited Talk: DataBench Toolbox – supporting Big Data and AI Benchmarking
Dr. Arne J. Berre (Chief Scientist, SINTEF Digital), Tomás Pariente Lobo (Associate Head of AI, Data & Robotics Unit, Atos), Dr. Todor Ivanov (Senior consultant at Lead Consult)

Abstract: The DataBench Toolbox offers support for big data and AI benchmarking based on existing efforts in the benchmarking community. The DataBench framework is based on classification of benchmarks using a generic pipeline structure for Big Data and AI pipelines related to the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) Reference Model and the ISO SC42 AI Framework. Based on existing efforts in big data benchmarking and enabling inclusion of new benchmarks that could arise in the future, the DataBench Toolbox provides an environment to search, select and deploy big data benchmarking tools, giving the possibility to identify technical metrics and, also relate to and derive business KPIs for an organization, in order to support evidence Based Big Data and AI Benchmarking to improve Business Performance The Handbook and the DataBench toolbox are essential components of the DataBench project results. The DataBench Toolbox is a software tool which will provide access to benchmarking services, KPIs and various types of knowledge: the DataBench Handbook plays a complementary role to the Toolbox by providing a comprehensive view of the benchmarks referenced in the Toolbox, of how technical and business benchmarking can be linked. The DataBench Handbook and Toolbox are aimed at industrial users and technology developers who need to make informed decisions on Big Data and AI Technologies investments by optimizing technical and business performance.


Speakers Bios:
Dr. Arne J. Berre works with Digital Platforms and Systems Interoperability, focusing on Big Data and processing support for Analytics/AI/Machine Learning. He is involved with in a number of ongoing Norwegian and European Horizon 2020 projects including the DataBench project, where he is the technical coordinator. Arne is the originator of the HyperModel Benchmark. He is the Innovation Director of NorwAI (Norwegian Research center for AI Innovation) and the leader of SN/K 586 AI – the Norwegian Standard Committee for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and lead of the Norwegian ISO SC42 AI committee. He is the Leader of BDVA (Big Data Value Association) TF6 Technical Priorities and co-chair of the TF6 Benchmarking group. He is Chief Scientist at SINTEF in Oslo, Norway.

AI, Data & Robotics Unit at Atos Research & Innovation, Madrid Area, Spain. Tomás Pariente Lobo has more than 30 years of experience in IT. His technical expertise is mainly in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Linked Data and knowledge management. Since June 2006 Tomas works as a project manager and technical coordinator for EU-funded projects leading a group of researchers dealing with all aspects related to the data value chain, with special focus on data architectures, data analysis and technologies such as Natural Language Processing and semantics. Tomás is responsible for the Toolbox in the DataBench project.

Dr. Todor Ivanov is an expert in the design, implementation and benchmarking of distributed big data systems and data-intensive applications. Prior to that, he has worked as a senior researcher in multiple projects in the field of databases and big data benchmarking as well as a senior software engineer developing Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) for different international airports. Todor has been involved in the SPEC benchmarking group and is one of the authors of the ABench benchmark. Todor is responsible for the Toolbox evaluation in the DataBench project.




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