Deliverable 6.3 DataBench Dissemination and Liaison Report – Period 1

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The purpose of this deliverable is to present a report of the communications and dissemination activities that have been conducted within M1-M18 of the project’s duration, with the aim of positioning the project among its stakeholders, the BDVA PPP projects, and the Benchmarking Community. A comparative analysis of the metrics achieved and expected is presented as well to set the pace for future activities that must be developed in order to achieve all of the KPIs.

The next steps section include a detailed description of the presence at events and/or development of workshops during 2020, with the aim to achieve the maximum visibility and impact.
The deliverable includes all the activities developed, both on the traditional communication scenario, with participation at events, development of press releases, dissemination material, among others, and on the digital context with the description of the work and metrics achieved so far on the project’s website and Social Media accounts.
In addition, a first approach to the Exploitation Strategy is presented with the definition of the Positioning of the Project according to the Value Proposition set after a detailed Market Analysis.

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