Deliverable 6.1 Dissemination and Liaison Plan

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DataBench has the potential to become a key element of the Big Data Value Public Private Partnership, since it will contribute to measure the real impact of the investments made by industry and the European Commission in this partnership. It will support the benchmarking of Big Data Technologies, therefore helping to understand the progress with respect to the state of the art but will also relate technical performance indicators with business indicators, establishing a bridge that has never been built before.
The challenges are however important. Among them, DataBench will require tight collaboration with a number of players and communities. Working hand-in-hand with benchmarking communities as well as with pilots and use cases (ideally coming from PPP projects) is key. They will be contributors but also validators of the so called DataBench ToolBox, main product to be produced by the project. Along the three years duration of DataBench we will have to gain the credibility and recognition of those communities, since -in most cases- they will be the first
adopters/users of the DataBench outcomes.
WP6 will support DataBench in creating the connections and engaging with those communities, will define and will implement a dissemination and communication strategy and will pave the path towards the self-sustainability of the results beyond the project duration. This deliverable describes the initial steps in that endeavour by sharing the Dissemination and Liaison Plan. The document identifies specifically: (1) target communities/audience, (2) Phases of the dissemination strategy, (3) tools, channels and mechanisms that will be used and (4) Key Performance Indicators.

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