Deliverable 4.4 DataBench Handbook

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This is the DataBench Handbook and final report of DataBench WP4. Its main goal is to support the final exploitation and sustainability of the project’s results by providing information and guidelines to the future users of the DataBench Toolbox. The DataBench Toolbox is a software tool which will provide access to benchmarking services, KPIs and various types of knowledge: the DataBench Handbook plays a complementary role to the Toolbox by providing a comprehensive view of how the project developed and validated the benchmarks offered in the Toolbox, of how technical and business benchmarking are linked in the project’s research and providing guidelines to the data and information contained in the Toolbox. In addition, the Handbook provides references to the main project’s deliverables for users interested to delve more in depth into the project’s results.

The DataBench Handbook and Toolbox are aimed at industrial users and European technology developers who need to make informed decisions on Big Data Technologies investments by optimizing technical and business performance. This Handbook demonstrates how DataBench achieved its goal to design a benchmarking process helping European organizations developing Big Data Technologies (BDT) to reach for excellence and constantly improve their performance, by measuring their technology development activity against parameters of high business relevance. In this way DataBench has filled a gap in BDT knowledge and understanding.

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