Deliverable 4.3 Evaluation of Business Performance

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The goal of this deliverable is to present the results of the evaluation of business process performance based on evidence from data collection activities. We have learnt several lessons from this research that can help companies approaching BDA (Big Data and Analytics) to more quickly understand the opportunities and guide tests and implementations. This knowledge has been made available from the DataBench Toolbox and constitutes the basis for the DataBench Handbook (the last deliverable of WP4, D4.4).

An important goal of DataBench is to understand the role played by technical benchmarking and the benefits that can be obtained in BDA projects when technical choices are based on accurate benchmarking. A fundamental lesson that we have learned from the case-study analysis is that BDT (Big Data Technology) projects can deliver important and measurable business benefits. However, we have understood that technical performance can be an enabler of big data benefits and, on the other hand, technical cost can represent a barrier to reap business benefits. We have performed research in this direction to define a methodology for the architectural sizing and cost assessment of an infrastructure supporting BDA use cases. We have then mapped benchmarks on the architectural components and analyzed the impact of software selection of the cost and performance of this architecture, to support the assessment of the potential benefits from an accurate software selection based on technical benchmarking in WP5.

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