Deliverable 4.1 Data Collection Plan

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This deliverable presents the plan of the data collection activities executed as part of WP4. The general goal of WP4 is to evaluate the impact of BDT (Big Data Technology) on business performance in key use cases adopting advanced big data and analytics technologies. The work in WP4 is based upon a case study approach. From a methodological standpoint, the case study analysis is inherently in-depth and bottom up, and, as such, it represents a natural complement to the extensive and top down research instruments adopted in WP2. In the framework of the DataBench project, case studies are considered necessary since the relationship between technical choices in organisations and the business KPIs these organisations have established for themselves is complex and difficult to model, as well as to measure. There is a lack of empirical evidence and benchmarks of the business benefits that can be achieved using BDTs, despite the general agreement that they provide a high level of innovation and potential to impact business. Our goal in WP4 is to help fill this gap by providing evidence of the business benefits of BDTs within the general framework of the DataBench project. This deliverable explains the methodology that will be used for the case study analysis, including the classification and selection of the case studies, the recruitment, piloting and analysis phases.

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