Deliverable 3.3 DataBench Toolbox – Beta including end-to-end-scenario tool

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This document is a demonstrator of the second release of the DataBench Toolbox, also known as Beta version. It is therefore providing an overview of the second version of the implementation of the Toolbox. Instead of explaining the complete Toolbox, the document reports in the updates and new developments after the Alpha version released 6 months (reported in the DataBench Deliverable D3.2) before outlining the status of the implementation at the time of submission (December 2019).

The document is a “demonstrator” deliverable, meaning that the DataBench Toolbox is accompanied with software and a demo version of the Toolbox Dashboard accessing to the backend functionality and integrated benchmarks. The final release of the Toolbox is expected by mid-2020. This document provides an overview of the expected functionalities to be covered by the Toolbox. So far, Alpha and Beta versions cover mostly aspects related to the cataloguing, deployment, execution and gathering of metrics related to existing big data benchmarks. The translation to business insights is expected to be part of the final version.

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