DataBench White Paper – DataBench Toolbox Architecture

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Besides the inherent issue of having multiple systems for big data benchmarking that do not cover the entire needs of many organizations, a major problem with this kind of approaches is that they do not offer a homogenized set of metrics, nor business insights.

DataBench aims to tackle these issues by offering a methodological approach and a set of tools to enable the reuse of existing big data benchmarking tools, as well as means to derive business metrics from the execution of the benchmarks learning from past experiences.

This white paper explains briefly the current thoughts about the architecture of the DataBench Toolbox, which is the main IT component of the DataBench Framework. The Toolbox will allow users to select from the plethora of benchmarks the ones that suit their needs, deploy and use them, as well as giving the possibility to upload the results of the benchmark execution to get a homogenized set of metrics, including business insights.
This document is a summary and therefore takes content from the DataBench deliverable D3.1 DataBench Architecture.

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