Databench at KDD 2018 Project Showcase Track, 22 August – London

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Brand new for KDD 2018, the Project Showcase Track offers a full day focused exclusively on innovative KDD-relevant projects from national and regional funding programs, as well as corporate, start-up, and non-profit channels. The aim of the Track is to bring together a diverse community of researchers in Machine Learning and Data Analytics, as well as partnerships in the social and physical sciences/arts, to show the state-of-the-art in research and applications.

Featuring 3 keynote speeches given by Nuria de Lama Sanchez (ATOS), Marko Grobelnik (JSI) and Chaitanya Baru (NSF), the Track offers a full day of presentations, demos and a concluding panel discussion. DataBench will be presented by Marko Grobelnik from JSI.

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Project Showcase Track Agenda

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