DataBench Architecture

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This document provides an overview of the DataBench Toolbox Architecture and main
functional elements. The DataBench Toolbox aims to be an umbrella framework for big data
benchmarking based on existing efforts in the community. It will include features to reuse
existing big data benchmarks into a common framework, and will help users to search,
select, download, execute and get a set of technical and business indicators out of the
benchmarks’ results.

The Toolbox is therefore one of the main building blocks of the project and the main
interaction point with the users of benchmarking tools. This document provides the
architectural foundations and main elements of the tooling support to be used by big data
benchmarking practitioners. In this sense, the document gives an overview of the different
elements of DataBench ecosystem to contextualize the significance of the Toolbox, as well
as details about the different components of the Toolbox identified so far, and hints about
their potential implementation.

This document is the first deliverable related to the DataBench Toolbox. Updates to the
architecture will be provided as integral part of the different releases of the Toolbox
expected in the DataBench WP3 lifecycle.

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