Big Data Analytics = Big Opportunities for EU companies: have a look at the first DataBench infographic!

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DataBench project has developed the first of a series of infographics presenting the results of a survey about Big Data and Analytics (BDA) on 700 European companies.

The survey carried out by DataBench between September and October 2018 investigated the actual or planned use of BDA by 700 European businesses in 11 EU Member States and identifed the relevance of business KPIs for BDA users. The detailed analysis is presented in the report D2.2 of DataBench Project.

The infographic presents the main highlights of the survey concerning:

  • Level of adoption of BDA solutions by EU businesses from different Industries and Business Areas
  • Business goals driving the adoption of this type of technologies
  • Most relevant KPI categories for measuring the business impact
  • Achievements and expected benefits for using BDA solutions
  • Current use of analytic techniques
  • Current level of Big Data skills gap

Download the infographic


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