BDVe Webinar series – DataBench: Benchmarking Big Data

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We are pleased to announce the first of a series of webinars related to Big Data technologies and business insights hosted by BDVe project on behalf of BDVA.  The webinars will show results of EU projects funded under topics related to the Big Data Value PPP ( This webinar series aims to offer a shared space for communication and potential engagement for projects and other stakeholders in the big data landscape.

The first webinar to be held on 9 October (12 PM CET) will  present the DataBench project (

Arne Berre (SINTEF) will explain the efforts to characterise and reuse big data benchmarking frameworks from a technical perspective, and share details of the degree of support that DataBench will provide to other projects and big data practitioners to benchmark big data tools and applications. Gabriella Cattaneo (IDC) will provide ideas on how big data benchmarking could help organizations to get better business insights and take informed decisions.

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