A White Paper on Digital Europe Big Data Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Industry

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BDVA’s Smart Manufacturing Industry group proudly announces the publication of the second version of the Big Data Challenges in Manufacturing Industry (SMI) White Paper

This paper includes an updated and deeper market and trend analysis, an assessment of future trends and scenarios for Smart Factories, Smart Product Lifecycles and Smart Supply Chain, a suggestion for a research and innovation agenda on SMI and an analysis of non-technical challenges (i.e. standardisation, skills and regulatory challenges). Finally, the document also identifies some key highly innovative trends and provides some recommendations for the future.

An updated and deeper market analysis, thanks to IDC surveys and DataBench project insights, has been performed. The research confirms that Manufacturing is one of the leading industries for adoption of Data Technologies, which is widespread across all business functions with a prevalence in product management, maintenance and logistics, and IT and data operations. Since there is little systematic evidence about the business impacts of Big Data, a key result of the survey is the substantial business benefits achieved by the surveyed enterprises, such as, gains for manufacturing enterprises are around 7% for profit, revenues and costs reduction (mean values). These impacts are slightly higher than the same value for the overall cross-industry sample. The range of variation of KPIs improvements is much wider, with several organizations achieving revenue and profit growth higher than 10%. Moreover, these benefits are expected to increase rapidly during 2020 as Data Technologies scale up in the organization.

You can download the paper from this link.

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