Policy and investment recommendations for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

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The EU High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG), an independent expert group set up by the European Commission in June 2018, released today a comprehensive and concrete list of recommendations for policy and investment for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.

The document represents the second deliverable of the AI HLEG and follows the publication of the group’s first deliverable, Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI, published on 8 April 2019. Building on the first deliverable, the AI HLEG puts forward 33 recommendations that can guide Trustworthy AI towards sustainability, growth and competitiveness, as well as inclusion – while empowering, benefiting and protecting human beings.

The recommendations focus on four main areas where Trustworthy AI is expected to help achieving a beneficial impact, starting with humans and society at large (A), and continuing then to focus on the private sector (B), the public sector (C) and Europe’s research and academia (D). In addition, the main enablers needed to facilitate those impacts are also addressed, focusing on availability of data and infrastructure (E), skills and education (F), appropriate governance and regulation (G), as well as funding and investment (H).

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